Companies, technology and research centers and universities collaborating together in a community committed to the innovation of the agri-food sector.

COTPA proceeded on the basis that the agri-food sector, where different entities, centres and enterprises had been working actively for years, required the implementation of innovative technologies. Due to a growing interest in the use of intelligent sensors, drones, aerial photographs, prediction models, metabolomics, genomics..., highlighted the need of carrying out a strategic action whose main aim was creating a community highly capable of managing all current requirements agri-food sector has to confront. 

Aware that the number of members and collaborators should were the greatest possible, COTPA set up a promoter group, formed by  universities and enterprises, on the assumption that the group would represent the collaboration of enterprises and research centers. This gruop, responsible of developing a strategy and indentifying ambicious projects to perfom, represents all professionals and agents who currently are part of COTPA.